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First you see them, then you don't

I have 3 Scouts that are in Scoutnet/Akela, on the My,Scouting.Org roster, but aren’t on the Scoutbook roster. We have tried the uncheck, update, recheck the membership box. They do show in the leader connections, so he just puts them back when they disappear. I am baffled.
BSA ID 135921997
BSA ID 13377561
BSA ID 13377556

Any and all help to get these Scouts back in the unit would be appreciated.
Marian McQuaid, Spirit of Adventure

Is there any kind of message in the Comments field at the bottom of their “ended” memberships in Scoutbook before the leader restores them to the Scoutbook roster? That might help diagnose what is causing the error.

@MarianMcQuaid not sure what happened here - I have setup a sync - look after 4pm CST

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