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My unit disappeared from Scoutbook

Sometime in August, my unit disappeared from my Scoutbook account. I’ve been chasing trying to get it back with my local Council’s support (since Scoutbook help will not support volunteers) and no luck. Has anyone else seen this?

When I log into Scoutbook, I see this:

Before August, I could click the arrow at the end of the “My Dashboard” line and my unit name would appear. Now I click on that line and it takes me to a new page:

No unit name. Does anyone have an idea how to get my unit to show up again?

My Scoutbook login is the same as the My.Scouting.org login and has been for more than a year. The only thing that I can think that changed between July and August when I lost access was that I updated my E-mail address. But it is the same in both accounts (Scoutbook and My.Scouting) and I use a username to login, not my E-mail. If I try to use the E-mail, it doesn’t recognize the account. My position and all credentials are correct in My.Scouting.org. None of that changed.

Very frustrating to be chasing this for more than 3 weeks and no one has any idea what is going on.

You probably got a new BSA # from your council - I will send you a direct message and can get it figured out - watch the Avatar at top right to find the message

@KristaTweed - what happens when you click on the actual text of My Dashboard or Administration ?

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“Administration” is an expandable / collapsable menu item. Do you see your unit and your account when you click on it?

AHA!! Clicking on administration makes the unit appear-- THANK YOU!!! It didn’t look like a link to me. :frowning: Appreciate the quick help!!


@KristaTweed - you are very welcome. Glad that was an easy fix.


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