Full scout access to scoutbook

All of our scouts are registered in scoutbook and connected to their parents. however, we can’t message all the scouts, only a handful. I have asked parents to make sure their scout has an email in their profile AND/OR followed the instructions for parents to invite their scout to connect and add scout email. Multiple scouts HAVE an account and user/pwd, but when their parent invites them it says duplicate account and they have to delete an account. When they try to add an email, it says you must delete your prior email (same one). But they still don’t show up in the MESSAGING area for me to message them, even though they ARE on the roster and connected to parents. These scouts can log in and see their profiles, but not receive messages. Any help troubleshooting this?? Since I can’t see scout emails, I can’t look I profiles and tell who might have a missing email issue or other problem.

Seems like you have multiple issues. Are you saying that some Scouts have been invited, have an email, but you still don’t see them in messaging? Are you in a Troop? If so, check your connections to those Scouts.

A parent has to invite the Scout to a Scoutbook Account membership - info at the bottom of this link - Scoutbook Tutorial for Parents (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

I would also ask the scouts to look under administration > my account. Does there troop and patrol info show up?

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