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Sending messages to troop

I want to send messages to the whole troop, including leaders, parents and scouts. On the Send Messages screen, I see the list of leaders and parents but only one patrol of scouts is listed to choose from. I have two more patrols, but they are not listed. I am the Scoutmaster and have Troop Admin and Patrol Admin rights. How can I fix the issue or is it a bug? Thank you.

Only the scouts who have been invited to connect to their accounts by their parents will appear in the email list. Unless their parents invited the rest of the scouts to connect to their accounts, the youth won’t show up in the messaging list.

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Please clarify whether you are referring to the send messages screen only having one patrol listed or something else.

It only shows one patrol on the Send Message screen.

As @CharleyHamilton said, to show up on send messages, they first have to be invited to join by their parents. Has that happened?

I will verify tomorrow night at our regular meeting.

The scouts have been invited and have logged in to their accounts.

@MichaelSobczak - would that be all of the scouts in the unit ? Or is it just those listed.

The majority of the scouts have been invited and have logged in, there may be 1 or 2 new scouts who have not logged in yet. We usually try to get the parents and scouts logged in during our regular meetings, so we can be there to help them.

You could send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the details of the scouts ho you know have logged in but do not show up on the send messages screen. Include your username and bsa member number, also.

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