Scouts not receiving emails

I have several Scouts that are not receiving emails. I can not for the life of me figure out why. They are in scoutbook and they do have an email address in there profile. any help would be appreciated.

Post BSA #s and we can look

Do they appear on the send messages screen in the youth members section?

They do not. Any ideas?

Please clarify, I’m new to this forum.

If they do not show under messages they do not have emails and have not been invited by their parents

Another possibility is that they got swept up by the attempt at automatically identifying bad emails, and had the “No Emails” flag set. That happened to a few of my scouts and parents, despite the email addresses being correct.

I picked out one scout. He does have an email address in his profile and his parents are part of his connections. Could it be that he still needs to accept the invite himself? Or is there something else at play?

They have to accept the invite cause that validates the email


They need to log in to Scoutbook at least once, and then they will show up in send message.


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