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Internet Recharter 2.0 Handbook

Attached is the DRAFT handbook for Internet Recharter 2.0. It is believed to be mostly complete, except for some additional photos.

Other info we received yesterday - the sandbox will be available 9/21, and training will be available on 9/28.

There will be a webinar for volunteers and a separate one for professionals - they will be recorded and made available if you cannot attend the live session.


@RonaldBlaisdell will there be graphics for how to multiple a member? Also, is there a location for a general file upload (not member specific)? Many Councils have other documents required by state statue that must be signed and submitted at a unit level. I don’t see a place for such documents at this time (to avoid paper shuffle with the Council).

@ZacharyMcCarty my Council (Central FL) actually developed their own on-line form for uploading forms to Council (Recharter agreement, JTE, etc.) it really was a simple Google Form and nothing complex.

Multiple members have a symbol next to their name, so it is really just like adding anyone else.

@ZacharyMcCarty in theory you could include those in the Attach document upload which is meant really for paper applications

I thought about that, but it looks like that option is tied to indioals and not the unit as a whole (if I understand the guide correctly).

Well but it would still GET to council

@DonovanMcNeil @ZacharyMcCarty that’s why CFL created their own Google Form for uploads of those documents. Let’s not overthink this - it’s a simple solution.

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