Get redirected when I try to update my daughters' advancements

When I try to update my daughters’ cub scout advancements, i get redirected back to my dashboard.

Steps I take:

  1. Log in and go to My Dashboard
  2. Click on Administration
  3. Click on the scout under My Family
  4. On scouts page click on Violet’s Advancement
  5. Click on Lion rank
  6. Click on Animal Kingdom Adventure

At this point I get redirected back to the Administration section of My Dashboard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like she is not in a Den

I didn’t notice that, but their den assignments are blank. Thanks for the help.

Could we suggest to the developers that:

A - an error be displayed to the user indicating that a requested function is dependent on a data point that is incorrect/missing? (i.e.: “This scout must be assigned to a den before their advancements can be updated.”)

B - a message appear on the pack/den’s administrator’s page indicating that there are scouts that are not currently assigned to a den? (I.e. “There are XX scouts not assigned to a den or patrol. Some ScoutBook functions will not work until this is corrected.”)

These would really help prevent issues with data dependent functionality and increase our self help capabilities.

Thanks again for the help - it is greatly appreciated.

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Agreed. There should be some error or notice that all cubs must be in a den for it to function. I had asked for that a year or 2 back.

Scouts not in a den are in a section “Not in a den” on the pack page. Because of the way Scoutbook is coded, it would be a significant amount of work to add error messages for this issue.

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