When trying to enter advancements, it continuously loops me back to the dashboard/login

I am not able to record requirements - checking a box for any advancement on their advancement page takes me back to the dashboard.

Does my account need to be reset? Thanks

@jeannetteWilson2 what kind of unit is it? And please be more specific on what you are trying to do

sorry, it is for my cubscout pack. I am trying to enter in advancements, and whenever I click on an advancement it sends me right back to the dashboard.

Are the Cubs in Dens?

I do not have it set up for dens. There are only a handful of scouts.

@jeannetteWilson2 - cubs must be in dens

@jeannetteWilson2 what unit?

@jeannetteWilson2 if it is 9307 they are not in Dens

cubscout pack 9307 faribault mn

I just put them in dens, I will try now. Thankyou

The dens are really important as they control which advancement and awards the scouts are eligible to earn.

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