Getting Parents and Scouts Connected

I have posted this in many threads but doing it here in case there are questions.

If you go to > click on My Application > you should see your Scout(s) listed.

If you do not > I recommend that you contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up your children. When they look up your children, they want to check your children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that your children are connected to you as parent with Only your correct BSA member ID number

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So I do that and I see my son, but how do I get to his merit badge progress and history? I used to be able to see it but can no longer seem to get to it.

@RobertKramkowski that would be at - different system

Something’s definitely messed up. On, I click the “forgot password” link and that circles me right back to My Scouting… which is right back where I started. So I see absolutely no way to actually get into

@RobertKramkowski Are you able to log in at my.scouting?

Yes, and my son shows up there. But I cannot see his merit badge progress on no matter what I do.

One odd thing is that when I click the password recovery link, it said that it found multiple accounts with my email address but didn’t give me a choice of which account. It seemed to default to my adult account that had my adult leader info, but no link to my son’s scoutbook.

@RobertKramkowski well only your son J is active in a unit - Scoutbook advancement is based on unit membership so you would see nothing for M

Scoutbook and my.scouting use single sign on (SSO), so if you are able to log in at my.scouting, then you should use the same username and password to log in to Scoutbook at:

If you can log in at my.scouting, then you shouldn’t need to reset your password. However, if you do need to reset your password, I would recommend doing it at my.scouting and using the chatbot (“Betty”). When the chatbot asks: “Do you remember your security questions?”, you can say “No” to bypass.

J. is registered, so you should be able to access his advancements. M. is not currently registered. It looks like he got dropped at Recharter.

Thanks for your help! I finally got to Jason’s information. Matt aged out before he could get everything completed for his Eagle project.

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