Getting the "warning another user..." error after promotion to Scoutmaster

Additionally, while my profile reflects that I’m the Scoutmaster, I am lacking the rights to actually view or do anything in the troop.

@DanielLuckett we will look into this

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You need to talk to Council - your Son has 3 BSA#s - I am cleaning up his SB Accounts

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Oliver is my son. He had 1 from Kalamazoo, and then another was created when we moved up here.

Additionally, one of the boys in my troop (Liam) is now listed as my personal child. As much as I would like to claim him (ha), he’s not.

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In Scoutbook, go to Liam’s Connections page, click on your name, and remove yourself as parent.

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Easy enough to clear up that one. Now I’m finding a pile of old connections. One thing at a time, I guess. :slight_smile:

Go to Unit Roster and click clear old connections

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And go to your My Connections page and click Clear Old Connections.

I have a parent who tried the “login with google” button. She can no longer access her son’s profile and she gets the message “warning, another user is using the same e-mail address.” Her BSA # 137410974. ID# 12049211. Can you resolve this for me and offer explanation why that happened? Curious. Thanks


This parent did not setup Google login. She needs to log in with her e-mail address using the Scoutbook login field.

@DavidGray4 It is mostly fixed but is her email her name or mavsmommy?

Her name, not mavsmommy

OK it is set and Fixed @DavidGray4

Thank You! You were very helpful

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