Scoutbook Message: Warning, another user is using the same email address


I have a series of issues which may be related. I am SB user 8638679.

The first is that warning message I receive when I log in. I moved and may have multiple SB accounts under the same user name or email. I believe I need the accounts merged.

Second, my name appears twice as a parent for one of my sons. He is SB user 9082856. Can my duplicate name in his parents section be removed so that he only has two parents instead of three?

Third, I am an Assistant Scoutmaster but I am only connected to my sons. I am therefore unable to message the parents of scouts in my troop. My committee chair can message entire patrols and tried to give me that ability but I don’t seem to have the connections to send messages to parents. Perhaps he gave those permissions to the wrong profile?

Thank you for your assistance.

@AndrewPeternith 1 & 2 are fixed. #3 is a unit issue and the connections they decide to give their leaders - it is up to the unit admins.

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Thank you very much!

I have the same issue with my account. Can you please delete the account that uses (removed by Moderator) as the login?

Thank you,

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