Warning, another user to using the same e-mail address

Noted the warning “Warning, another user to using the same e-mail address. If this is unexpected, contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook Forum”

I don’t think I’ve added any access or changed anything with my account recently, and only jsut noticed this warning after years of using the system.

Any ideas/help are appreciated.


I’ll look into this for you


You have a 2nd BSA Member ID from joining the National Eagle Scout Association. This spawned a 2nd Scoutbook account long ago.

I merged the 2nd account into your primary account. The message will go away the next time you log in to Scoutbook.

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I am also seeing this message in Scoutbook. Can you look into my account as well to determine why this is?

@markduffy this is fixed for you

Thank you Donovan. The message is gone.

I’m also getting this warning message. Could you please check my profile to see why? I don’t believe I have multiple accounts. I will add that this started right after my daughter’s account had her nickname changed to read Travis, which Is my nickname and I had lost full rights to all scouts in my Bear den except for my daughter.

@MichaelMacGillis the email was on your daughters account

That’s strange. I couldn’t even find a place for an email address on her account when I looked. Thank you for figuring that out.

That’s because there was already an e-mail address on her account. Most likely the registrar put your e-mail address in her record when her registration was processed. You should now be able to go to her profile page, scroll to the bottom, click Invite and add her e-mail address to the account.

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Same message. I was resigned to not worry about it, but since the forum is already here.

@MatthewFranklin1 your wife’s (I think) account has it also - she can log in and change it herself, or I can erase it for now

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Worked perfectly - Thanks @edavignon!!

Hi. I am also receiving this message. I think it might be related to registering as a Stem nova councilor/ super nova mentor as those new positions have never shown up correctly for me on scout book despite being listed as my positions on my.scouting.org

Eric Alsop

@EricAlsop I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

I also requested a position sync, although I do not know if that will fix your Nova / Supernova issue or not.

Thanks for the help. If the positions do not sync, who can I contact as I cannot currently enter STEM awards in scout book? Or, are they entered in a different way than merit badges? Thanks!

@EricAlsop NOVA awards are under the Awards Section

Got it! I was thinking they needed to be entered by the councilor in a similar manner as merit badges. Thanks!

That’s a potential future enhancement (not sure when or if it will happen). For now, counselors/mentors can be shown on the unit rosters.

Good morning,
I have two issues:

  1. I am also getting the “Warning, another user to using the same e-mail address" message.
  2. I suddenly cannot find where to record Eagle Palms for any of my scouts. I have palms to record for two boys.