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I have a ghost account attached to my Scouts. My real account is BSA # 136498753 and user ID 454503. We moved states and when we moved 4 years ago I was issued a new BSA. The ghost account in Scoutbook does not have a BSA # attached to it however has a user ID of 10041131 and an email of How can I get this ghost account removed from being connected to my scouts? Concerned as when communication is done through Scoutbook this email is CC with my scouts as a parent when it does not belong to either parent.

@JenniferJackson_Wohl this is cleaned up

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Donavan, I also have a account I need removed if possible it has a BSA ID 13228962 and and user ID 1718133. I believe this was a new account made when I moved.

@KeithCunningham we would need both accounts info to figure it out - not just one account


The other account has BSA ID 134407640 and ID 8762832.

I also need to change my Log in ID for My Scouting do you know how that can be done.

Keith Cunningham

@KeithCunningham I merged the SB Users - keeping your registered # - sign in is the j###keith17 login you have been using - the BSA#s are managed under that account. If you need to change to secondary email in Scoutbook you can do under your profile

@DonovanMcNeil I am in the same troop with Jennifer and Keith and also have several ghost versions attached to my scout.

My β€œreal” account: BSA # 117062774
User ID: 11697810

Ghost accounts:
No BSA associated with accounts
User ID 2436856
User ID 2580005

@PatrickMurphy1 THIS IS FIXED

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Awesome!!! Thank you so much. We have been trying for a looooooong time to resolve these issues.

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