Good News: Functional Positions Maintained this year!

I’d like to report good news. Our charter posted and we have the new pdf that runs until 12/31/2022.

Our functional positions were maintained! So our advancement chair and Key 3 delegates are still set! Yeah!!!

It is the little things in life!


@Matt.Johnson - woo hoo and scout on !

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I wonder if this is true for folks with no unit position.
In the past I have had to have my my Scouting Tools functions set twice, during the calendar year and the council charter year turn overs.

The Merit Badge couselor expiration date is another date that can be different.


@WilliamNelson Our Advancement chair and Key 3 delegates persisted into the new charter. I assume it wasn’t a fluke just for us.


This was not a fluke. This is the way the system was updated last year to work. As long as the individual rechartered in the same position as the prior year, the functional role would remain. If, however, someone move from say Committee Member to Assistant Scoutmaster in the same unit, the functional role would be ended.


Very very good point. If the person left the unit, or they shuffled roles, it will not be correct.