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Unit Advancement Chair "re-up" fix

Yes, this is more of a scoutbook.scouting.org vs. scoutbook.com fix, but I don’t know where else to put this.

So, each year a member of the key 3 has to “re-up” the advancement chair’s access. If not, they don’t have full access, right? The current procedure is that after re-charter, they have to go to the “organizational security manager” and re-add the person.

Why not add this to the re-charter? There is already a place where you can designate position. Unit Advancement coordinator isn’t one of them. If this was added, and for re-charter purposes they just counted as a committee member position, but afterwards this would flow to the proper place for advancement access, it would fix the annual “why don’t I have access, why yes, I am the coordinator, yes, Scoutbook says I am, no I didn’t know you had to have a key set it in my.scouting” dance.

From the re-charter site.


This should already be fixed for this recharter cycle. We asked that the functional roles not expire if the person who holds the role is continuing in the same registered position in the unit. For example, if the Unit Activity Chair was a Committee Member in 2020 and is still a Committee Member in 2021, the Unit Activity Chair role will be extended for another year. We have been told this has been implemented but we will not know for sure if it worked until recharters are processed.

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We need an appropriate meme or gif for this saying “wonderful news”!

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