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Key personnel - Key 3

Having the key 3 as the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster & COR does not allow for Advancement Chair and their committee to update advancements or modify records at the National level. The COR is not involved in the Troop as closely as the other two. Also, this should be key 5 now that it is linked to Scoutbook, so Treasurer, Advancement Chair, Training Coordinator, and Parent Coordinator should be permitted to do imports and exports as well and pull rosters. In a world where volunteers are as busy as their children, it is important to have a few more that can help do the work, especially for large troops of over 40 boys.


The Key 3 are the Key 3, and are ultimately responsible for how the unit operates in a way that the other adult leaders are not.

With that said, if you configure the permissions for your other adult leaders the way the Scoutbook FAQ instructs, you don’t need to create a “Key 5”. Take a look at this in the Scoutbook knowledge base for more help.

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Make them a Pack Admin. They should be able to do everything.

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You can log into my.scouting.org into the organizational Security Manager as the Unit Key 3 and specify a person for Advancment Chair and other positions. They just need to be registered within the unit. So a MC can be that person.

Well, you normally can. :slight_smile:

At least for my unit that rechargers at 12/31/19, the advancement chair expired and can’t yet be reset.

@Matt.Johnson am curious - so has your unit advancement chair lost access to scoutbook.scouting.org (internet Advancement)? But since Charter is not processed yet you cannot reestablish the functional role?

@DonovanMcNeil Key 3 Delegates did not expire and still seem to have access to Internet Advancement. All of the other functional roles (Advancement Chair, Training Chair, etc.) at my.scouting.org expired on December 31.

@JenniferOlinger - yeah it’s the potential functional role lag I am wondering about

Yup, gotta wait until charter is posted for 2020. Already working through that issue with units as District Commissioner…:wink:

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it is interesting how the K3 hung on - but you cannot assign functional roles

Well, ours is expired “technically”, but not “functionally”. Our Advancement chair still has their access, but in my.scouting.org, we no longer have them listed under advancement chair. I then went to re-add them and I can’t. I assume it is because we are in this weird “in-between” window.

@Matt.Johnson is IA still functional for them?

We don’t use IA 2, but Scoutbook. Scoutbook is still working for them as an admin.

I have high expectations. I don’t understand why charters that are filed electronically aren’t processed on 1/1 like the removal of delegation. It hasn’t impacted us, but it is too bad it removes access before their work system supports recharter.

There are two reasons:

  1. The books have to close on 2019 before 2020 charters can be processed
  2. The new fees need to be implemented in the system.

I don’t have a solid understanding of exactly why either of those has to be a reason, but it’s what I’ve heard.

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I can say for my council and the others resident to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania it may be a few months before the final processing is complete.

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There is a 60 day grace period during which time they are processed. My Council has about 500 Charters to go through. While it is electronic, there is the physical paper charter that is signed along with the annual charter agreement, JTE any applications to process and this year background checks. if payment was done online and not by paying at the office, errors will be harder to resolve. So, the staff goes through everything to check. This is even if a commissioner, DE and others have taken in the paperwork. There is ALWAYS something missing or not correct. So, it takes time. Plus this year with the fee increase National only opened the system to process it yesterday. I still have six units left out of 49 that are still trying to turn in their paperwork. So, first in, first out.

I understand National allows a few days in January for councils to finish paperwork for the previous year, somewhere around Jan 03 this year. Then the books close for 2019 and councils and districts run year end reports. For my council, they planned all of the first full week of Jan for this. Only then, beginning the second full week of Jan would they begin posting recharters.

This was corrected last night and Unit Advancement Chairs from last year should have access again. NOTE: once your charter is fully processed you will still have to re-establish the functional roles in Organization Security Manager - Organizational Security Manager > Functional Roles Change

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Just as a related fyi until your charter is posted your online registration url is not active. It killed our new years day recruiting campaign. Also your BeAScout Pin registration link will not work.