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Organizational Security Manager > Functional Roles Change

Functional Roles ( Unit Advancement Chair, Unit Training Chair, Key 3 Delegate) going forward will have the 60 day grace period after a charter is processed without being erased. Once the charter is fully processed these positions are erased and need to be re-established by a current Key 3.

If your functional roles were erased they should have been re-established last night. Giving back access to Internet Advancement in some cases.


my menu in myscouting does not look the same as the illustration given for printing the unit charter. I am the advancement chair. I was able to get the membership cards. What is the secret for the charter?
I really don’t understand why things have to change from one day to the next when I go into this website.

@CheryleCsakan - The charter download is found as follows:
Unit - expand that section by clicking on unit
Organization Manager - download is in upper right.

The my.scouting site has not changed that much and not daily for sure.

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It does change a little depending on the Registered positions of the user.

Yes… that aspect is true and as advancement chair, the charter feature may not be available.

I don’t have an “organization manager” spot to click on

I believe the Organization Manager is only available to Key 3 (unit leader / Committee Chair / Chartered Org. Rep.) or Key 3 Delegates.

As @JenniferOlinger stated, your Key 3 would have to either designate you as a Key 3 delegate in Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting, or one of them will have to download the charter document.

ok. Getting my scoutmaster to do that is a problem. Maybe the committee chair can figure it out. Thanks .