Recharter future feature request - set advancement coordinator like new member coordinator

You designate an adult as committee member, new member coordinator, parent coordinator, religious emblems coordinator, and chaplain. You can’t designate an adult advancement coordinator. That would be a nice feature to help the turn of the year advancement coordinator position resets. If there are any other positions that reset (key 3 delegate?) it would be nice to be able to set that in the recharter software as well.

We have been told that the systems were updated so the functional roles do not reset IF the person that holds a role has the same registration the next year. For example, if the Advancement Chair recharters as a committee member the advancement chair role will remain.

It is odd, though, the collection of functional roles that one can assign on during the recharter that unit advancement coordinator isn’t one of them.

Unit Advancement Chair is a functional role, the others are registered positions.

Parent Coordinator should not have been listed, because it was replaced by New Member Coordinator. I have reported this as a bug to the developers.

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I would still argue that this would be key to add into the recharter since for units that “lose” their committee member who had that functional role, will then be posting in the forums why they can’t have certain functions come charter renewal.

I was surprised to learn that Chaplin is both a registered and a functional role.

Advancement as well as training are not “registered positions”, that is why they do appear in the recharter. This actually mirrors the old paper process. As pointed out above a fix was put in earlier this year that stops these positions from being dropped if the holder stays registered.

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I guess my point is, for those units that drop their advancement coordinator, most will have a problem in Scoutbook and come right to the forum to report a problem.

What needs improving in a system can often be determined by current problems. So, I still anticipate this being a problem, especially for cub units with the committee turnover.

I understand functional vs. registered. In this case, I would move the functional setting into the recharter since it would be near effortless, and eliminate many of the remaining “defects”.

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Or at the very least at the end of the recharter process drop you into the functional assignments page!!!