Google is no longer letting my 12 yo login with google

I set my son up to use scout book by logging in with google. That worked for a long time. Now he is getting told children under 13 can’t log in other websites using Google.

How can I get scout book to let me set up another user account so he can check his progress now?

@KurtCopley ,

I found 2 BSA Member IDs (MID) for your son. The fastest way we can fix this is to have you create another ID for your son with MID 14194211. Let us know when this is complete and we will merge the IDs, retaining the new one and putting both of his MIDs on the account.

When I enter his name and date information to create an account, it finds the old one and tells me it’s tied to his Google account.

When I try to create a new one without selecting the existing account, it fails out.


I gave you the wrong MID to match. Use the entry with 134377478 to match to the existing MID. The other is on his Google ID.

It’s created. You can’t merge the accounts now


This is fixed. The Google ID has been merged into the new ID and the 14194211 MID added to the new ID as primary.

Thank you so very much!

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