Google won't let my scout sign in

I believe this issue is similar to another recent post (google not letting 12 yo login). @edavignon was able to provide a solution.

I’ve been trying to get the resolved for a long time!

My daughter has two member IDs but I can’t get into her account to merge them. The account was created with Google. She is 14yo now but I still get an error when trying to get in and I have no way to reset the password. I’ve been in contact with local leadership but they haven’t been able to resolve the issue.

The member IDs are.

14532707 * (I was told to make this one the primary but I can’t get into either)


I don’t care if these accounts are deleted and we have to start from scratch. We just need access. It’s been a problem not having the troop calendar and not being able to rsvp for activities. Any help would be very appreciated.

@CaseySchultz 14395888 is the correct number for the second one - go in and make a NEW user for the 14532707 number - tell us - then we can clean it up - make a user name not google sign in

Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

OK. I have created the account.

fyi, My member ID is 135190878 in case you need that.

Thanks, I hope this works!

@CaseySchultz OK that is all cleaned up

OMG, I’m in with her account this is great. One issue… There is a warning that another user has the same email address. I know that’s the other account we had for her. Do I need to do anything about that?

sorry, don’t know if I should have pinged you. See other response. Thanks.

ah, actually, I see that the email for my daughter’s account is the one that is on my account. I assume there’s no issue with changing that, right?

I see the setting where to change it. I’m just afraid of messing something up again.

@CaseySchultz You can leave the e-mail as is or you can change it. Either way is fine.

If you do change it, I recommending changing it at my.scouting.

If you use Gmail, you can use the “+” to make what appears to be a different e-mail address, but Gmail ignores the “+” and whatever comes after it. So the following e-mail addresses would end up going to the same Gmail inbox: [The “something” here could be your Scout’s name.]

@CaseySchultz I see she already has a separate e-mail address at my.scouting. Would you like me to sync it over into Scoutbook?

Yes that other email (her name) is what i want on her account. The “share” email address is one that my wife and i share. Thanks!

@CaseySchultz This is fixed.


Jennifer and Donovan, thank you so much! I checked over the accounts and it all looks good. Really really appreciate the quick and thorough responses.

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