My.scouting won’t allow me to create a username and password

I’m trying to merge my scoutbook and my.scouting accounts but the websites won’t let me. I can’t link with my google credentials but I also can’t create a username and password

@EmilyWorley your SB User and my.scouting should already use the same username or google login. What happen when you use just one on both platforms

I can sign into both websites separately using the same log in but I cannot SSO to work nor can i link with my children

But when you sign in is it the same BSA # listed?

Your Google Log in is cleaned up @EmilyWorley - If you have another login I do not see it - I can setup a direct message to get the info

Thank you! How do I prevent this issue in the future/how can I help other parents with this if it happens to them?

I think you units made dupes of you rather than searching for you

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