Grade Information Missing in Cub Scouts' Profiles

Cub Scout ranks go by GRADES, not age as follows:
Kindergarten - Lion
First - Tiger
Second - Wolf
Third - Bear
Fourth & Fifth = Webelos

I have several Scouts that are not in the normal age range for grades so I must have this VALUABLE information of GRADE a Scout is in, over their Date of Birth that is shown to be able to quick assign them to a den when they show up on our roster after their registration has been completed.

We are such a FAST growing Pack from 9 Scouts to 34 that applications are getting submitted before a copy are thought to be obtained for reference so having the grade information at our fingertips in a Cub Scouts’ profile is HELPFUL.

Can you PLEASE consider adding that into GRADE information into Scoutbook as it really affects things at the Cub Scout level with Den assignment? Leaders are already overwhelmed so it is one less thing to be plugging each other for, if its already accessible in Scoutbook.

Thank you in advance… Deaf Scouter Ursula

@UrsulaSeefeld - its in the extended profile infornation

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