Graphic or other item showing how the various BSA IT systems work together?

I am doing a “Basic Scoutbook for Adults” session for one of my troops at an upcoming troop meeting and wanted to see if there was a graphic or other pre-existing item that shows the relationships between:



My experience was/is that when people say “I hate Scoutbook” what they really mean in some instances is “I hate” or “I hate”, etc.



A follow-up is there ANY documentation that explains the relationship between these systems?

There is no external document on it and it is not very relevant for parents

Scoutbook = Advancement = AKELA = membership and training portal

Except those parts in though. That is part of the confusion here.

Well Consider Scoutbook a Database not a platform - SB is a DB with 2 platforms - Scoutbook.scouting and Advancements.scouting (well and DLE but it does not count LOL)

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So thre are two DBs (Akela and SB) accessed and updated in 5 ways:
Den Leader Experience
And to a limited extent

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How I present it is there is an Advancement DB (Advancements, PII, positions from other DB) and a Membership DB (training, registrations, PII) - a goal is to have PII on one DB

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