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"Grayed-out" Scout

I have been working with the new Activities system. In my youth roster, one of my Scouts is grayed out. When I try to access the Scout’s record, I get the following message:
“”[Name] has created a new primary member ID which is active in another unit. [Name] will remain on this roster until their council registrar completes their transfer process or their annual registration for this unit expires."

I have checked with the Council registrar and she has verified that the Scout does not have any other primary ID number. I have checked with the Scout and he has not submitted an application to any other unit.

I am submitting a support ticket.

I am a Key 3 delegate and the unit Scoutbook Administrator.

Chuck Olson
Troop 463
Atlanta Area Council

send in support email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org

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