Internet Advancement 2.0 error accessing roster

I’m curious, are other troops having problems accessing the roster in IA2.0? At least 3 troops in our council get the error message: Unable to find the person for the given GUID… when they launch IA2.0. We’ve logged multiple tickets with the SB help center but nothing has been done to fix the issue.
Thanks - Betsy

Who is trying to log in? If it is not a K3 - it has to be a person with a designated Functional Role from Organizational Security Manager - Like K3 Delegate or Unit Advancement Chair

I see you are a key 3 D - so I will have to do some research

Thanks - but we are all Key 3 delegates (you can see it in my login in the upper right corner.)

@BetsyWhitely maybe you can shed some light - so there are a few in the same council. Do they have K3 in multiple units? Or K3 in one but not the other?

Each troop in our council has their own advancement chair that is designated as a Key 3 delegate. They are Key 3 for only their specific unit. Each troop is responsible for tracking and updating advancement for their own troop, but 3 of our troops are unable to access the roster in IA2.0 because of this error.

Just trying to understand / clarify:

For the users who are unable to access the roster in Internet Advancement 2.0, the users are Key 3 in one unit and also a Key 3 Delegate in a different unit?

Each troop has an advancement chair that is a Key 3 delegate only for their own troop.

The best thing at this point is to send their names, bsa member numbers, and unit info to Post the ticket number (starts with SSD) back here.

Let’s start with mine - I already have a support ticket logged through Customer Service Support Desk:
HD-224519 - Service Management

Betsy Jo Whitely BSA Member# 12014587
Committee Member
Unit Advancement Chair
Key 3 Delegate
Troop 15 Piedmont Council 042

@BetsyWhitely if you have a few minutes I can setup a screenshare to look at a thing or 2 to poke developers

@BetsyWhitely do you know if you have multiple BSA #'s

I do not have multiple BSA #s. BTW - As advancement chair since 2014 I have never had any problems before with advancement until recently. LMK if you still want to do a screenshare - I’m around!

ok I will send you a direct message - watch top right at your avatar

doing it now - thanks

My BSA ID 12014587 has not changed since at least 2015 - found my old membership card. I will try removing Advancement chair (and if all else fails, try logging on as another Key 3 delegate).

@DonovanMcNeil is asking because several of us have had an “extra” BSA ID appear for us due to various reasons (errors when rechartering, serving in both unit and non-unit leadership roles, past registrations, etc). The extra BSA ID leads to a lot of headaches, so ruling it out is an important part of the diagnostic process.

Charley - I am working with the registrar at our council office and they DO remember merging two BSA accounts/IDs for me a long while ago . . . so how do we fix this in Scoutbook if that’s what is causing the problem?? Also I have active roles in both unit and district levels - could that be a problem? Thanks for your help - Betsy

I had to reach out to scoutbook, to have my duplicate accounts merged once the national registrar had “merged” my BSA IDs (they were from separate councils). I gave support my name, my email address, and the BSA IDs. I asked them to merge all of the accounts, and retain as the primary account (i.e. all positions, connections, etc) the one with my “current” BSA ID.

Regarding the multiple positions at different levels, in principle those can be handled under the same BSA ID. I don’t know enough about how Scoutbook works for district and council-level personnel to know whether that might be an impact item. @DonovanMcNeil?

I recently have also been unable to log in to Internet Advancement 2.0. I submitted a ticket and here is the reply I got.

“With the new release of Internet Advancement an advancement coordinator needs to be, either registered in that position or given delegate access to Internet Advancement. I checked your records and at this time you have neither. You will need to share the instructions below with Troop 20 Committee Chair or Scoutmaster and ask them to grant you access.”

Okay, I have been the Unit Advancement Coordinator for the past 5 years and I am listed in ScoutBook as the Unit Advancement Coordinator, plus I have Admin rights in Scoutbook.
Also, there is no Unit Advancement position to be selected when rechartering (I have been doing that for 4 years). Oddly enough there is a New Member Coordinator, but no other positions are available for Committee Members that hold various positions.

It seems very odd that I need one of the Key 3 to “Delegate” me into a position I was elected to by the Troop Committee many years ago. If there had been a Unit Advancement Coordinator position available in UCRS, I would have placed myself in that position.

As a Admin and Unit Advancement Coordinator in Scoutbook, why can I do anything the program allows, but I can’t log in to Internet Advancement? Don’t they basically both do the same thing?

The only reason I even go into Internet Advancement now is to print off a proper “Official Troop Roster”, due to fact that Scoutbook has no way of printing a neat, “Official” roster.

Forgive my rant, by I am getting more and more frustrated by the changes that have occurred over the last year or so that have made it much more difficult for me to serve my Troop in all of the different roles that I do.