Have duplicate parent accounts - need assistance merging

Hello. I am a parent/den leader for 1 cub and 1 scout. I also have duplicate profiles with Used IDs 136796409 and 13634475. Can they be merged? Both use the same Gmail account but one may use Google signin.

@John_PaulNicewinter I am checking

@John_PaulNicewinter Please log in with your my.Scouting username – not your e-mail address.


Also please contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up your child (or children). In the “Relationships” tab / section, you should be listed as parent only under your primary BSA member ID number ending in -475. They should remove you if listed as parent under any other BSA numbers. Otherwise another duplicate Scoutbook account might get created.

I would also recommend asking a Pack Admin to go through the Pack Roster page in Scoutbook, click on your name, look under your past positions and roles, click on the Den Admin role(s), remove the end date, and make sure that it is position approved (green shield with check mark).

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