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Having problems generate activities reports


I am having some problems to generate activities reports such as hiking, service and camping reports. When I select the scout and try to generate the report, I receive this messages: Please log onto your account and try again, or report this to the forums (81)

Please help

@RafaelCancel When you log in at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools), click on:

Menu -> My Profile

What do you see listed under Active Positions?

I checked what you told me and have none active position . I’m assistant scout master and have full control of scout book for over two years


If you have no active positions in my.scouting.irg then you are not currently registered. You will need to intact your council registrar to find out why your registration has lapsed.

The other thing you can check is that your BSA Member ID in my.scouting.org and Scoutbook match.

Report access in Internet Advancement is based on registered positions.

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I really don’t understand. I have my BSA number, take YPT, taked a few training. I have control of full control of Scout book for over two years and had no issue until know.

I have the same BSA number on scoutbook and in scouting.com

If your position does not appear in my.scouting.org, you are not registered. Have a key 3 member of your unit (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Charter Org Rep) log into my.scouting.org, then go to Member Manager and see if you are on the roster. If you are, I suspect you have 2 BSA Member IDs. Let us know and we will tell you have to fix your access.

If you are not, then you are not registered and will need to contact your council registrar to find out why.


I will try that and let you know. Thanks for the help.

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