Help adding/transferring scouts from out of town


I cannot seem to figure out how to add two kids to our cub scout pack (Pack 234). Their father is going to be one of our Den Leaders. Can you help me xfer all three?

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Steve Lambert
Pack Admin / Committee Chair

First thanks @Stephen_Hornak and @CharleyHamilton

@StephenLambert_II ok - posting scouts name is not a good thing - we can work with BSA #s ONLY - if more info is needed we will contact you directly. Can you try again please

@StephenLambert_II they way they are added is by officially adding them to unit via application

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Thank you for the fast reply, and for the intel on what should/shouldn’t be posted. VERY much appreciated!

If they apply online via beascout, will they need to pay membership fees again, even if they’re within their membership time? Hoping to make this quick/easy.

Child IDs: 137513462 and 14772541
Adult ID: 13970165

Thank you!!

@StephenLambert_II - are they from another council ?

@StephenLambert_II ok on those 2 MIDs - I see no change in unit - we MIGHT be hitting a sync lag - as the female i see a second number - lets give it a day

@Stephen_Hornak: My understanding is that they are indeed from another council.

It does not appear that anything has changed with overnight batch processing.

What are next steps? Can this be updated on your end, by chance?

What council are you in?\ @StephenLambert_II

Tecumseh, in Greene County, OH. @DonovanMcNeil

MT got a BSA # in your council 9/18 but no registration in a unit (140489673) - the other one I do not see in your council unless there is a misspelling

Yeah, they’re trying to transfer into our Council. They state that they’ve already paid annual dues elsewhere so trying to avoid having to pay again via BeAScout. Is that something that can be accomplished?

They do not have to pay national fees again via beascout. They would have to pay your council fees though. Part of the process is to look up their existing member numbers, but info entered has to match full name and DOB exactly.

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If the parent already has a member ID for your council set as primary, they need to use manage member ID to change it back to the old council that has the parent relationship set.

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Thank you @jacobfetzer. I will relay to the parent.

@jacobfetzer and @DonovanMcNeil: They just tried and stated that he was able to transfer himself but not his children. He gets the below error when using beascout to transfer the kids/scouts:

Our apologies, but we are experiencing an error on our end. Please contact your local council (Local Council Locator | Boy Scouts of America)to report it. Error: You are not authorized to access this API.

That almost always means that the member number set as primary is not listed as a parent in Akela, the membership database. Let me check.

The issue was that his parent relationships were on a different member number than his registrations in the old council. I set the one with the parent relationships as primary. Give it a chance for things to sync overnight and then have him try again tomorrow.

When he finally gets them registered, you’ll probably need to ask your council registrar to move his parent relationships onto his registered member number so he doesn’t have issues with renewing them annually.

Hi @jacobfetzer. The Adult has now applied and been approved to join as an Adult Leader. He attempted to register his children, but now he cannot even locate them via BeAScout.

What might be the best “next steps” here?

Exactly what @jacobfetzer has said…