Multiple (related?) issues

Good morning - I am experiencing multiple issues that I believe may be related to having two IDs. Everything was fine until a few weeks ago and then things changed suddenly.

First, I am a den leader (Pack 8) and have been given Den Admin privileges. I can still see my den members, but suddenly lost the ability to update their advancement. It says I have “view advancement” and “view profile” for everyone except my own child for whom I have “full control”. I am listed in the Pack roster twice. (Both of “me” have Den Admin privileges.) Under My Current Positions & Roles I see a message: “Ended by SB-2882 clean up script that was run Apr 12 2021 11:19PM” on one of “me”. It was at that time that I lost the ability to update my Cub Scouts.

I am also in a Parent role for Troop 45 and have not noticed any issues with this role.

Finally, I just took on Advancement Coordinator for Troop 37. This troop is new to using Scout Book, but the Scoutmaster was able to log in and gave me Troop Admin privileges. Unfortunately, I still cannot see T37 at all. I expected that it would show up in My Units, but it is not there.

More details: I live within the boundaries of CT Rivers Council, but all three of my units are in CT Yankee Council. In, under Manage Member ID, I see only ID#12025612 listed - apparently associated with CT Rivers Council. In my profile says “no registered positions” but this is wrong (I am registered with Pack 8 and Troop 37). I can see only ID #531864 on my profile but I know I did have two IDs and I am wondering if the one I can’t see has my registered positions and needs to be linked.

My Council rep looked at this and said she was unable to merge me because I live within one council and have positions in another council. She said she opened a ticket with National, but that was 3-4 weeks ago and nothing has happened.

Please help! I need to be able to update my Cubs and Scouts.

Thank you


your other BSA # is 131144395 you need to log into > click Menu top left > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your unit registration PRIMARY > Then go to and log in using your credentials

You can try this - but I think one of the instances of you name MAY have something slightly different. We are taking a look - should have SB up for you by this afternoon

Your Scoutbook Account is now fixed

You, Sir, are awesome! Thank you so much. It looks perfect!

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