Help! I lost my troop after last maintenance

I lost my troop a couple weeks ago - after the latest update. I had my account up, went to the kitchen, came back and my account was down. When I logged back in, I had the wrong council patch. My local council was able to get that switched, but I still do not have access to my troop. Troop is 4080 (sometimes a G at end and sometimes not). My member id is (Removed by moderator)


You have multiple Scoutbook accounts. I’ll clean these up and it should fix your problem.

You also have 2 IDs. One uses Google Login and the other is the portion of your e-mail address before the @. Which do you want to use going forward?


I have this fixed using your ID that is the part of your e-mail address before the @. If you want to use Google Login, let me know and I can make that account work instead.

I found 4 BSA Member IDs (MID) for you. Your ID where you are registered as an Scoutmaster is primary. The reason you “lost” your Scoutbook account is a change was made to your registration in Northern Lights council and this caused the system to switch Scoutbook to that MID.

I have put your middle name on your Voyegers MID and Scoutbook account. Since the system compares middle names and it is not on your Northern Lights MID, the system won’t swap your Scoutbook MID again.

not the email one. You are so kind. Have a great weekend!


IT WORKS! Thank you so much. Moved from Nebraska to a point in Minnesota where three councils meet. I work in one in the summer, do my scouting in another during the year and live in the third.


Your Google Login account has been deactivated.

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