Help, i setup with a login on instead of scoutbook

I setup a login for my son in i stead of through scoutbook. That login is not connected to his member id. I’ve submitted a transfer for another troop. He received and email stating that his application has gone through but for him to login to to update the my apllication. Nothing comes up when he logs in (probably because his actual membership number is not there). When myselfvor my husband login neither of us see him in our settings. I do see him in scoutbook, however. Please help me to get this figured out. I did send an email to our council for help but never received a response back.

*1) Hardware: Both
2) Operating system Windows and android

3) Browserchrome
4) Browser cache has been cleared or you are using a private browsing mode (aka Incognito Window in Chrome) yes
5) Member ID & Council of person affected 134607537 (name removed by moderator)

Anna McFarland
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Please detail the steps you took to submit the transfer application.