Scout Parent cannot link Scoutbook account to account

I have a parent who is unable to log into Scoutbook. They are able to log into though. It appears that their BSA Member ID in is: 12395912

I took a look at their account in Scoutbook, and even though it is set up with the same email address that is used in, it is missing the BSA Member ID. There is a UserID: 1880612. I am not able to update the BSA Member ID field in Scoutbook for them as it is disabled.

Is there someone who can help get this synchronized so that they can log into Scoutbook?

@JimmyFendors this should be fixed now - they can log in using their username (firstname.lastname)

Thanks! I will ask them to try logging in.

They are good now. Thank you @DonovanMcNeil

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