Parent has myscouting account but can not log in to Scoutbook

Problem detected when trying to transfer AOL Scout to Troop

Problem #1: When parent (also our Troop Treasurer) tries to log in to scoutbook with her my scouting ID (BSA ID 12662744) it tells her there is no scoutbook account associated with that my.scouting profile.

Problem #2: AOL Scout suddenly with recharter has 2 profiles. When she views l profile with all advancement history, it will not let her view his member pass on my.scouting.

Problem #3: When I tried as committee chair to transfer the new profile (that is missing all the cub scout history) to our troop, it finds the active registration with the pack, but says transaction failed because that member ID not found. that one is BSA ID 135604798

She told me the advancement chair in the pack had trouble pulling an advancement report.

#1 - is signing into the Scouting App today - pretty sure they can sign in at

#2 is fixed now and probably #3 now as they are merged

She is in scoutbook! Thank you!

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