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In November 2022 we discused an issue where a brand new scout was given a BSA ID # then it was merged with another scout (same name) in.another Council. The problem is still a problem.

Link to old topic: Brand New Scout showing up as an Existing Scout - #2 by DonovanMcNeil

Here’s a little bit more information:

We see this in his Scoutbook account:


We assume one of the BSA ID # is for the Cradle of Liberty Council (the incorrect Council for our Scout; this Council’s Scout was in Cub Scouts) and one for the National Capital Area Council (correct Council for our Brand New Scout).

We have not put any of our Scout’s advancements, activity logs, awards, etc. in Scoutbook. Everything in the system belongs to the Cradle of Liberty Scout.

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@JasonHuggins they did get separated at one point? did they merge a second time?

It shows this Scout name as being multiple in both our Troop and the Troop in the other Council.

The other Council shows up as the council for both Troops and Scoutbook shows, under the profile icon, that one BSA ID # as a previous number.

it is being looked at

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