Help to link SB ID to BSA ID


My son is having problems loging into scout book from his phone.

Can anyone please help to link my sons SB ID and BSA ID and associate with his gmail email?

SB ID #1570256
BSA ID #134362897
Gmail ID # (removed by Moderator)

Thanks very much,

Ken Brady
(removed by Moderator)


Your son has a ID that is his gmail address. He last logged in to Scoutbook on 2/24/23. He needs to use this ID and password to log in. He should not press the Google Login button.

Thank you. According to Mason, when Mason logs in using his Gmail account and BSA password he does not have full visibility to his scoutbook advancement.

Would it be possible to have the setting that allows Google credentials to sign in to scoutbook?

Thank you for your help with this.


you change login at > My Account > under the Account area


We have had reports starting earlier this year that some youth are not able to log in once they switch to Google credentials due to a Google restriction. I would be careful switching youth to Google login.

If he is able to log in, then he has full visibility. What happens when he tries to log in with his e-mail address and password?

I need to review this with Mason when he gets home from school this afternoon.



Hello Ed,

Please see the attached screen captures of scoutbook when Mason Brady logs in using his account. His profile only contains his YPT training that he completed for Wolfeboro Summer Camp staff and not any of his advancement or merit badges.

Thanks again for your assistance with this issue.


Scoutbook Login error - Mason Brady.png

@KenBrady that is not Scoutbook - that is - Scoutbook is

If you want we can setup a screenshare to see it - as everything looks fine on the backend @KenBrady

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