Need help with scout's credentials

I’m trying to help a parent with a Scout SB login issue.

It began because the Scout cannot log advancement under their own login. There is no “My Advancement” menu under their profile when they login with user name j**********d.

The boy’s advancement is being recorded under SB User ID: 2365585 and BSA Member ID: 134419080.

The login he’s using points to SB User ID 12973893.

Is this a simple merge operation? Can you see if they’re using the entirely wrong login name? They don’t even know if they are using the login with Google function (I don’t think they are.)

His profile above shows him opted out of emails, but he’s not showing opted out on our SB Messaging function.

What can you see on your end and what can I tell the parent and Scout so the boy can login as himself?


@BrianCarter2 the scout has 2 logins to different accounts - I will merge to the one Scout is currently using - give me a minute

@BrianCarter2 there were 3 different emails on the various accounts so they may need to correct that - but all is fixed now

Outstanding, thank you!

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