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Help with a Parent login

Hi Staff,
Parent is not able to login.

I also delete and re-add the Parent, but same issue:
We were not able to find a Scoutbook profile linked to this gmail account…

Parent email - [e-mail removed by Moderator for privacy]
Scout ID 137409486

Thank you.

Parent with that e-mail should setup a my.scouting.org ID with Member ID

Parent created account, but Scout is not shown under Parent to select.

The Scout with initials AT is connected to the parent in Scoutbook.

Did the parent click on My Dashboard then Administration to expand it? I can see the parent logged in to Scoutbook at 1:47 PM today.

After expanding it only shows My Account.

@MaiTran this is fixed now - use your my.scouting.org log in

You guys are awesome! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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