Help with Duplicate Accounts for Adult Leader

The parent who handled all of our Pack’s awards shopping was caught up in the big SB purge of non-registered adult leaders last year, and her access became limited to just being a parent connection for her two boys (one in our Pack, another in a Troop). The BSA ID associated with that SB profile is 134303923. I can still navigate to it by clicking on her name as a parent on her sons’ profile pages, but it does not appear on our unit roster in SB or my.scouting.

She registered formally as Advancement Chair and Committee Member a couple months back, and it appears that a duplicate profile was created for her with BSA ID 12368528. This new profile appears on both the SB and my.scouting rosters, but does not have her email address or phone number listed like the original profile does.

We asked our registrar to merge the two profiles, but the registrar says they can’t see anyone with ID 134303923. Is it possible to combine these two member IDs so that she retains her Advancement Chair and Committee Member positions and also her connections to her sons?

@JohnBowen this is solved and merged to the registered BSA # - she can log in how she last did - username with no numbers

Wow, that was quick. Thank you!

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