Help with email on wife's profile

My wife’s scout profile is all messed up. They had the wrong email listed for her. I created an email account with that wrong email. Set up the scout book profile and finished the connection. I updated her email in her profile. Now it’s all messed up. Can anyone help clear things up with this email/profile situation. I appreciate any help.

If you can post the Scoutbook User ID for the account or her BSA ID (no names please!), the SUAC folks may be able to take a look at it.

SbUid# 12482500
BSA 128591287
When she logs in to her account it now says… Warning, another user is using the same email address.Thanks for the help

@AbelGuerrero ok fixed - she can use the Username, NOT the email to get in, the username was used today

She should probably be using BSA member number 128591287, because it has her registration history. Also, BSA member number 14504477 is missing date of birth.

IN SB looked like 477 was the true AKELA parent - I see it Jen and will fix

We just tried logging in and the BSA ending with 477 works. Not sure what’s up with the other id 287 but it’s working. I appreciate all the help with this. Thanks everyone.

@AbelGuerrero I just flipped the primary BSA - you should see no difference other than the MID is changed

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Ok. We just checked again and the I’d ends now with the 287

That is the better one - has past registrations and your Scouts are attached to it in Membership database


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