Mismatched emails in My.Scouting and Scoutbook question

I have a Parent who is unable to log into Scoutbook or My.Scouting web site. The forgot password never sends her a email and she seems to believe that my.scouting email is wrong. I’m unsure how to help her correct this issue. I have been able to send a message to her from scoutbook so I’m 100% positive that is the correct email. I’m not a Key 3 or have access to the unit in My.Scouting yet. Parents scout just crossed over this year. Her scout used to be in our Pack before covid so I have a report that contains her BSA # 135350547 , does anyone know how or who we should go to to fix this issue?



The parent’s e-mail address in Scoutbook ends with her 2 digit year of birth while the address in other databases including attached to her my.scouting.org ID omits the 2 digits. We can make the addresses match but I first want to confirm her e-mail address ending in the year of birth is correct.

Her email is * I’m assuming that she was born in 92 but, I’m reaching out to confirm that as well.

Moderator: e-mail removed. We have captured the value we need to fix the issue.


I have updated both Akela and my.scouting.org with her e-mail address that is in Scoutbook.

Thank you sir, I will see her at a troop meeting tonight and see if she can get in and transfer her scout to the new Unit.

She was able to get into one of them. Not sure which one but they should be sync’d now, so I don’t expect any issue from here on with it. Thanks again Ed.

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