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Issues with my.Scouting account

We have a new Scout that joined our Troop that moved from Illinois.

We are attempting to get him added to our roster for camp at Bechtel Summit, but the system states he does not have a my.Scouting account and that his parents should register him for a my.Scouting account.

We contacted our Council and they confirmed he has a valid BSA ID. The BSA Member ID he has with our Council is : BSA ID # 137294843

Our Council shared he needs to log into his old member ID, but the parent does not see this when she logs into. The parent logged in and the system created a new member ID?

So, when I tried to create a new account for him and then attach this member ID, it simply created ANOTHER NEW Member ID: 14047088 - and did not allow me to attach that other number, but it automatically attached it to French Creek Council 532 based on our address, and I cannot seem to change that. So, it appears I have complicated the situation further

We’d appreciate the help to resolve this.

Chris Spriegel

Which council are you in, and what is his former council?

That MID is registered with French Creek Council.

This scout has not had a my.scouting account before they created one Monday. The reason it couldn’t find him is you entered the wrong DOB. I have added the additional MIDs to his account and synched in to correct his DOB.

St Stephens Episcopal Church
French Creek Council

Community United Methodist Church
Three Fires Council

Thank you so much! I will let the parent know.

I did not enter a DOB, so it must have been a typo from when his parent registered.

Thanks again!

It worked! I was able to add him to the roster for our upcoming Bechtel trip.

Thanks again!

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