No Scoutbook account

My dad sent me an an invite through Scoutbook, and I received an email with a username and password. They work at my.scouting, but not on Scoutbook. I receive the following error message:

“We were not able to find a Scoutbook profile linked to this gmail account. If you already have a my.Scouting account, please login here.”

My scout ID is 136759776

@JacksonMeelan you have a user name - are you using the user name or an email to log in?

I’m using the username I received in the invitation email:

@JacksonMeelan so what happens when you try

@JacksonMeelan we can also setup a screenshare to figure it out

I have a parent who is receiving the same error message. Is there something you all figured out so we can help him resolve it. Or maybe (if it’s not too much to ask) can he reach out to you for assistance?

@ErinGulden he can reach out in forums or post the BSA # and we can look

Thank you. Appreciate the assistance.

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