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Help with Scoutbook

I was just handed the role of Advancement Chair for my Cub Scout Pack where I was “trained” on the old Internet Advancement 2.0 website and know nothing about Scoutbook. I have one parent who is asking if his child can use Scoutbook or not, and I don’t know how to answer him.

How do I know if I can run Scoutbook for our Pack?
How do I know if it is already an option?
Where can I go to read a “Owners Manual” for Scoutbook so I can get up to speed.

Thank you in advance as I am sure I will have more questions soon…

@NathanielWiggers - First off… welcome aboard. I was a new Advancement Chair for the pack when my son was a Tiger… he is now a Life Scout and 15. So anyway, you have used Internet Advancement 2.0 (https://scoutbook.scouting.org) and not the old scoutnet version I gather. If so, there is a link along the left hand side of IA2 that says scoutbook. I would suggest clicking on that to see if you can indeed access it. All units, leaders and scouts will already be in scoutbook along with parents. Now the challenge becomes if the scout at the cub level will be using it… I do not often know many cubbies with email accounts but I could be wrong there.
As far as an owners manual:
will have a number of guides and how-to-items

Thank you for your help. I hope to get up to speed quickly with this. Fingers crossed.

If you are able to access IA 2.0 for your pack as Advancement Chair, then you should automatically be a Pack Admin (unit Admin) in Scoutbook.

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