Hiking Activity Log Report Subtotal Bug

I noticed in a report I just ran that the last three people in the report don’t have an individual total entry. Looking through the rest of the report I can’t see why the last three don’t have individual totals. This issue was consistently observed across the online report, the PDF Report and the CSV report.
Troop0829BActivityLogReport_20240428 redacted.pdf (643.4 KB)

@WilliamCunnane - have you looked at the data on these three scouts? I would check things like membership, date joined scouts BSA, individual log entries and reports.

@WilliamCunnane after that, if log entries are correct and each scout has date joined bsa, then please post the ref# found at the bottom of the report here on this thread. It’ll help to pass along to the developers for troubleshooting.

Of the three people that do not have totals -
1 is an adult leader
2 are scouts
1 of the 2 scouts just bridged into the troop a month ago and is not showing an entry in for date joined BSA (it should be noted that this information used to be found in the person’s profile and it is no longer there. For the scouts I was able to find that the ScoutsBSA History Report has that (but again one of the scouts (“M” in the attached PDF) doesn’t have that information populated. The Adult Leader (“J” in the attached PDF) does not have a ScoutsBSA History report as they are a leader and again, that information is no longer shown in profile.

As for the Ref# it is at the bottom of the PDF that I attached, but for ease of access it is Ref #ref: PD-20240428200046-801443-106534

When I looked at the report again, I see the comment about missing BSA start date. However, that comment is for scouts that have a " * " next to their name. None of the three at the bottom of the report that do not have a “total” have that asterisk.

@WilliamCunnane - did you add the date joined scouts bsa for the one missing it ? Did you also look at the individual log reports ? On the adult noted, are they a registered leader ? Is their position approved. It is seeming to me more like a unit housekeeping issue that a scoutbook bug.


I feel like you are going down the wrong rabbit hole here.

  1. Even though this report is flagging several individuals as not having a BSA start date (none of which are the last three individuals on this hiking log report that are not showing their individual totals but are showing their accurate hiking miles entries which is the bug I am reporting here), I have individually checked each record and they ALL have BSA start dates in their records (fyi, this only shows on youth profiles, but I digress…).
  2. What do you mean by “individual log reports?” If you mean did I check other activities, yes, I just ran a Camping Activities Log report with the exact same criteria selections that I used for Hiking and that one has everyone’s individual totals. I did the same for Service, Conservation Service and Eagle Service Projects and none of those have issues with showing individual’s totals. I also ran a combined report of all activity logs with the identical selection criteria and again, all logs EXCEPT the hiking log were fine, with the hiking log not showing an individual total for the same individals (I did catch that I missed 1 in both the individual and combined reports - there are actually 4 people (2 youth and 2 adults) that are not showing individual totals for hiking activity (but have their entries).
  3. All the adults are registered leaders
  4. They are position approved

This is not a Scoutbook housekeeping issue and looks to me to be a bug with the display of hiking activity report data.

@WilliamCunnane - ok… so the date joined scouts BSA is in the scout profile page is that correct. I did also notice that you had checked the Other Units box… not sure if that would change anything…but worth looking at. My point is to eliminate things that can be easily fixed.

@WilliamCunnane Could you please provide the BSA member numbers for the 3 individuals?

(No names, please)

As I mentioned in my last reply it is actually 4. Here they are -


Could you try running the report again and see if this person shows up correctly now?

Still not showing a “Total” entry.

@WilliamCunnane OK, that person had a multiple account issue.

The one with BSA 136866914 needs a “Date Joined Scouts BSA” date. That date is used as a filter to filter out Cub Scout activities when you select the report option to use “Dates Joined Scouts BSA” vs. “All Dates”.

I’ve fixed the date for 136866914 but the report is still not showing the individual totals for the four individuals.

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