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Hiking/Camping/Service/Long Cruise Logs Changing

So im not sure if this has been mentioned in this thread or not. But I have been inputting service hours into the new logs on IA2 for my scouts but they aren’t adding up to the total hours completed on their profile. Am I missing a step somewhere?

Anyone else amused by the Bryan on Scouting headline today?

I think the article should include a link to this thread to help navigate the transition to the “faster way”



I actually got a copy of this article sent to me by another leader in my unit. They seemed to think it was funny, too.

I groaned and laughed out loud when I saw the Bryan on Scouting post … I found a list of 8 or more bugs in about 10 minutes the other day as I was trying to log camping. #NotReadyForPrimetime


Scoutbook would make a poor boat anchor.

there is no support for the product…takes forEVER to get answers to questions. I tried this thing and I can’t get it to work…council couldn’t make it work either.

so i’m sticking to what works…paper.

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@rollinroberts - what is your role in the unit ?


Where did you ask your questions? Most questions in the forums are answered within an hour (usually much less) of being asked.

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I have a service project that was completed and entered 5-30-20. The pending items shows the number of troop participants. Is there a link to an approval page or something? How long will ‘Pending Items’ remain on the screen? To me it appears there must be a requirement for an approval.

@MichaelCherne - the approval would look like this in scoutbook.scouting.org: