Hiking Miles Total Calc Error

When entering in hiking miles, the totals come up very odd. In this case, “24.200000000000003” total.

@JeremyGinsberg is this a saved hike? what is date and name?

@DonovanMcNeil - that calc appears as you enter hike data. I did an entry with 2.2 for youth and 2.0 for adults and the final digit was 6 instead of the 3 noted in the OP. Admittedly it is an exceedingly small number at that many decimal places out.

@JeremyGinsberg this is reported - sorry for the extra 1/100th inch LOL


Thanks - just more that it looks weird to show all those zeros on a calculation and then have a 3 at the end of it… seems like something odd going on in the background.

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