Parent accidentally opted out of emails

I have a Parent who somehow accidently has opted out of email. I have sent her the directions how to opt back in but so far she has had no luck. She has contacted the Council office and they were not able to help her either.

How can we turn her back on to receive emails? Her user ID is: 2227380

They need to log into Scoutbook > Click My Dashboard > Administration > My Account > Email (top choice) > then slide this toggle left > only they can do this

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 10.47.48 AM

She has tried this, that was the instructions I sent her.

I can try and actually sit down with her and do it together, she is trying to do it off her cell phone as that is all she has and she is really struggling.

It would help to know how far into that process she is getting. Is she able to log into scoutbook?