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How can I tell if a Scout has ever logged in to Scoutbook?

Scoutbook has an easy feature to show me in the roster the time of a parent’s last login to Scoutbook. I’m trying to check the same thing for the Scouts themselves; is it possible to tell the last time a Scout logged in to their account?

My real problem is this: I have Scouts who don’t have profile information set up correctly for messaging in Scoutbook. I suspect this is because the parents have just configured the profile information for the Scout, but the Scout themself has not logged in and confirmed the information. I’d like to be able to debug this by checking whether or not the Scout has ever logged in under their own account.

A Scout does not need to sign in to get messages from Scoutbook. The Scout’s parent must invite the Scout to Scoutbook which requires an e-mail address be entered for the Scout. If you have Scouts not appearing under Send Message, it means the parent has not invited the Scout.

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Thanks! My problem is that I have parents & Scouts telling me that the Scouts have logged in and configured their contact details, but the Scout doesn’t appear for me under “Send Message”. I’m looking for a way to confirm whether or not the Scout has actually logged in to Scoutbook.

It’s a two-step process – Parents have to invite the Scout, then the Scout has to accept the invite and activate the account.

I understand that parents have to invite the Scout. I’m looking for a way to validate that parents have invited the Scout, and that the Scouts have accepted the invitation.

I believe you’ve already hit on it – if you can see them in the Message screen, the Scout has logged in and activated their account. If they’re not visible, one of the steps was missed.

Another possibility: sometimes a Scout will create a new account in Scoutbook, instead of accepting the invitation from a parent and connecting to the existing account.

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