How do district and council volunteers get access to the merit badge counselor list in SB?

I am not seeing that functional position anywhere. But I am registered at the district level. I suspect that is a my.Scouting Tools functional role.

At > Menu > My Profile
What do you have in the Registered Positions and Functional sections. Are the position and roles current?

As Scouting is free for all, that position code should be retired.

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My apologies. I now suspect BSA has discontinued use of position code 42F.

I am behind the times.

Due to the extraordinary financial pressures that Boy Scouts of America is facing, we made the difficult decision to cease the printing of Scouting magazine. … And best of all: The magazine continues to be available in its new digital format — free to all adults registered with the BSA.

From the Editor: The Future of Scouting Magazine Begins Right Now (August 2020).

Last PDF version appears to be the Sep-Oct 2020 issue.

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Item number 6 is that list is pretty clearly not a new “white sheet”. There would be no reason to offer an alternative method like this (response card, eform or other way) if they also required a brand new white sheet annually since the white sheet includes all that same information.

Yes, they are properly entered into Scoutnet. I have a previous dump from Scoutnet that shows the proper listings. Also, they show up in Scoutbook so they are definitely registered properly or they wouldn’t get transferred by the automated process.

Exactly as I’ve stated and shown previously. My functional position is “Council Advancement Committee Member”

The GtA is pretty clear about contacting the MBCs annually and asking if they want to continue for the following year (assuming the district / council wants to keep that individual). If they say yes, ask for updates to their contact info, list of MBs, etc.

It’s equally clear that they don’t expect a new white sheet annually since #6 lists a number of ways for them to respond, none of which are a new white sheet.


BAC allows a yes to continue response without a new MBC Form. However, if changes are made then a new form needs to be submitted just for the changes.

We have our district deans arove the badges. The they get forwarded to the registrar via the DE or Field Director. They cannot be added to a district listing until the registrar clears the "new " application.

All of our badges are entered into scoutnet only via the registrar. However, i ask each district key 3 to make each Dean a Key 3 Delegate. This way they have access to the roster in and now that the badges are showing on the reports they can check those also.

I have heard that there should be an update to where the badges might be entered through there instead of Scoutnet. I am hoping the access to that capability will go down to the district MBC deans. BAC has over 1600 counselors and 16000 merit badges.

I feel access through is better than through Scoutbook.

BAC allows a yes to continue response without a new MBC Form. However, if changes are made then a new form needs to be submitted just for the changes.

Interesting because GtA explicitly doesn’t require a new form at recharter / reregistration to update contact info, add or drop MBs, etc.

Response card, e-form, or other way for counselors to return updated contact information, preferred method for contact, merit badges they wish to add or drop, updates to their skills and education profile, and anything else that may be helpful

As I asked earlier, I wonder which one takes precedence.

I would interpret “or other way” to include using the MBC form. Frankly, that’s a lot less confusing for me as a MBC than having to use another form to provide updates.

Yes, that COULD be a way, but it is clearly not the ONLY or REQUIRED way to do this. That was my point.
In our case, we sent emails with a link to a pre-filled form to make it easy. I had numerous comments that it was very simple and easy to do.

To get access to MBC does not really exist outside of the registrar. I am the BACMBC Dean and I have access to really nothing. I can see reports, but cannot update anything.

A good update that was just done was the At the council or district level if you have access to the roster go into reports and run the Council Merit Badge Counselor listing.

If at council level it will give you everything all districts etc. at the district level you will only see the district registered MBC.

I read somewhere and trying to find confirmation where volunteers(s), I am sure with special coding example MBC Dean, Will have access to updating badges. I cannot see a reason for anything else. I am hoping the powers to be drop those powers down to the district MBC as we have 8 districts and 1600 counselors.”hint…hint to those that have the powers to make this happen.”

ScoutBook is worse as a Council delegate the only access it granted me was uploading the file which is no longer necessary and the capability of download what is on the ScoutBook system for MBCs. I have had arguments with people trying to tell me I have the ability to change things like they did at unit level before the councils took control. It does not exist. I ghink it will be better over in my.scouting until they put in better district and council interface in ScoutBook.

I’ve been told repeatedly that “ScoutBook is for units” and that they have no plans to do ANYTHING in SB to support district or council functions. Thus far they’ve definitely kept to that promise!

Now if we could just get them to put tools in place in my.scouting to support district and council volunteers … :frowning: :frowning:

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If you did not catch in the pevious:
A good update that was just done was the At the council or district level if you have access to the roster go into reports and run the Council Merit Badge Counselor listing.

I have already used this to help reconcile our districts numbers to what we show on the file from the report download.

Yes, I was finally able to get access to this report. Unfortunately it doesn’t include everything necessary to do my job. In particular it doesn’t include the mailing address (just the zip code), and it doesn’t include the YPT expiry date. Both of these are very important.
You can get access to the YPT date via a different report. I haven’t found the mailing address yet but I’m hopeful it is somewhere in one of the other reports as well.

Yes it would be nice if they combined that, but I also know that the Scoutnet reports have issue like you can get badge report but not one that gives that gives you the district so I merge the person report with the badge report…

John Heuchan

As a unit user I have the same issues with this search screen.

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BlockquoteGuide to Advancement Section 7. The Merit Badge Program fully describes the process. The Unit Leader, aka Scoutmaster, discusses the Scout’s intentions regarding a merit badge, provides the name(s) of an approved counselor(s), and signs the blue card. The recommended counselor(s) are taken from the Council approved list. The Scout contacts the counselor and proceeds.

But that is not really what the Guide to Advancement says. I as Scoutmaster can suggest an MBC to the scout, but if the scout has a preference I cannot force him to use the one I suggest. I’ve had cases where scouts find a virtual MB class out of our council and then come to me to approve their badge after the fact. Shouldn’t happen that way but due to lax effort before I became SM it does, and when I start digging I cannot even be certain the counselor is approved. How do I know if that council is using the SB method of registering their counselors? Another situation, my own council hosted virtual merit badges last summer which some of my scouts signed up for. Unfortunately my own council did not name the MB counselors. There are a LOT of issues with the way MB’s are handled today.!

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I actually reached out to a council to try to verify one of those “virtual” MBCs, and the person I contacted seemed very offended that I would even ask. Isn’t that kinda part of the process if a MBC isn’t one of the ones we previously verified was registered?


If the council is using ScoutBook approved it will say “Approved by xxxxx Council”.

Access to the list is discussed in the Guide to Advancement.