my.Scouting Position Manager v.s. Membership Registration

There appears to some issues with implementation and usage.

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The case of @JamesBrown13

It appears that the Scouter’s council “committee member” is not showing in the Scouter’s my.Scouting Tools menu. Can a council key-3 leader add this position in Position Manager? I assume it may expire in my.Scouting Tools at the end of the calendar year and end of Scouter’s term of office.


I do not expect this function to be added to Scoutbook.

Council Committee Member is not a functional position. So no, you wouldn’t use Position Manager for that.

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Council Advancement Committee Member is the functional position as I’ve shown in several of the threads above.


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It is unfortunate that ScoutBook refuses to add a few fields to the export to solve this problem. It’s an incredibly simple fix that would put all the necessary information in one place.

Just to get everyone here up to speed, there are two issues with my.scouting. The first is how to get a volunteer (me) access to the merit badge counselor report in my.scouting. No one seems to know the magic incantation necessary to give me access to the report.

The second issue is that in our council, for whatever reason, the report is blank. Our director of support services and our registrar both have access to the report but when they run it the report has no data. It’s completely blank. There are no merit badge counselors listed.

And, to save time, yes, we have people registered in Scoutnet as position 42. Yes they have merit badges assigned. Yes, they get pulled into ScoutBook through the automated system. All of that is working as anticipated. Just the my.scouting report is blank. And, unfortunately, you can no longer run a merit badge counselor report out of ScoutNet because “that’s been moved to my.scouting” (except it obviously hasn’t in our case).

My council has called, emailed, begged, sent smoke signals, pleaded, created help system tickets, etc. all with no results. No one seems to be able to fix it and apparently it isn’t a priority for anyone at national to address this.

So, I can’t get data out of scoutbook and I can’t get data out of scoutnet and I can’t get data out of my.scouting. So how am I, as the council volunteer who is over merit badge counselors, supposed to do my job?

Yes - but you first must be registered as the generic Council Committee Member for you to be able to assign the functional roles of Membership or Advancement Committee.

James - if you are only registered as an MBC that is why you don’t have access to the report. It is for Key 3, Key 3 delegates, Commissioners, and Advancement Committee Members / Chair (who are first registered as District Committee or Council Committee).

That’s my registration record shown above. I’m registered as a council committee member and my functional role is council advancement committee member.

I am registered as a council committee member, as I’ve shown repeatedly including the message you just replied to. My registered position is Council Committee Member. My functional position is Council Advancement Committee Member.

What more is needed?

Then have one of the Council Key 3 assign you to the position in Position Manager of My.Scouting – Scoutbook has nothing to do with this.

BTW - I suggest running the Trained Leader report in Training Manager, and then filter for “Merit Badge” (without quotes) to see if anyone is registered in that position Council-wide. That would help with MBC report issues.

I can have them try the trained leader report, but the question still remains … why doesn’t the designated merit badge report work? Why is it blank for our council?

I had them add me as a key 3 delegate. Didn’t make any difference in the menu options I see. Still can’t access the reports. Any other thoughts?

Key 3 Delegate won’t take effect till the next day: Notice it is showing in Registered positions instead of functional. It erroneously does that for functional positions after it has been set up until it has been processed to take effect.

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Log out.

Clear the browser’s cache.

Then go back into My.Scouting.

There should be a menu for your Council.

Thanks @brantgurga, good to know.
I’ll try it tomorrow @RonaldBlaisdell since it wont take effect until then.

Please stop adding a second subject to a single subject discussion. Mixing multiple issues in the same discussion make it difficult to follow each.

The MBC’s badges registration issue needs to be dealt with in a separate discussion. I have started a separate discussion for this issue at

Scoutbook is a unit tool, not a district or council tool. Please do not confuse the two. The district is legally part of the council. If you have not already done so, may I suggest taking the online training for district committee members and related council level training.

Tools are in the process of changing. The most current information for using online my.Scouting tools is in the help page (inside the tool).

The online district advancement role basic course (a little out of date) as of 5/16/2021 is:

District Committee - Advancement

BSA Learn Center - Learning Plan - Total time: 176m
Advancement and Recognition Chair

If you wish to discuss the status of online training courses please do so in a separate discussion.

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I’ve taken the training. I’ve taught the training in fact. Been serving on district and council positions for “a couple of years”.

SB is a unit tool, but if you are going to include features like MBC lists, you also need support managing that in the same tool. Half-doing something is worse than not doing it at all.